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Laurie Conrod

Online Marketing Consultant
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  • #1. Discover How to Leverage The Internet  So You Have Peace of Mind Knowing EXACTLY Where Your New Clients Are Coming From, Even if You're Not Tech-Savvy
  • #2. Discover the EXACT 5 Step Formula To Have An Automated System That Brings Clients to You on Auto-Pilot
  • #3. The Top 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Trying To Find New Clients, and How It KILLS Your Business
  • #4. How To Be the Pursued, Instead of The Pursuer with a fully automated system so you  NEVER Have To Rely on Referrals Again
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This is a TRAINING to teach you the strategies I use personally and learned from top online marketers to grow my coaching business, my direct sales business, and my affiliate marketing business, and have endless leads coming to me. 
You will get ACTIONABLE steps to take that are WORKING NOW. 

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“Entrepreneurs often fail because their companies are invisible to the world because they cannot bear to spend money on marketing and PR. This is a huge mistake that some entrepreneurs make when the money gets tight. Polishing products and services until they shine brightly in the sunshine is a waste of money. Smart entrepreneurs get the word out early and often via all available media, especially digital media: if they cannot find you, they cannot buy you. “ 

10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail, Forbes, April 2016
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